Sport Packs

2-Tone contour shaped microfiber and mesh day pack with Silver accent; Open air mesh fabric back; Sturdy reinforced bottom corners with strong grommet and cord drawstring construction; Rubber ear bud port; Velcro inside pocket; Packs FLAT!
FIND OUT HOW… The Color Splash sports pack is PERFECT  for a school or College Event event
The Color Splash sports pack is perfect for any special event; especially Breast Cancer awareness events.  It’s available in 6 great colors including PINK.  Pack it with a water bottle and a t-shirt; hand them out to all participants, and get a ton of advertising impressions for your investment.  Did you know that 55% of participants generally keep their promotional products for more than a year1/3  That’s great repeat exposure! 

Just one of the many Sports Packs we carry.