DIGISOFT™ is the next-generation digital print technology the world has been waiting for.  Engineered to deliver exceptionally high-quality prints on even the toughest fabrics,  DIGISOFT™ is on-demand printing as it was always intended.  Fully evolved

DIGISOFT™ empowers you to create apparel products as inspiring as your ideas.  Think limitless design freedom, real durability, & creativity unbounded from traditional constraints.  With DIGISOFT™ you’re in control like never before.

Equal parts DTG (Direct-to-Garment) & DTF (Direct-to-Film) print processes, DIGISOFT™ combines the best qualities of each without their limitations. The result is a ground-breaking product that’s visually stunning, impossibly durable, surprisingly versatile, & objectively superior to the competition — delivered at a speed today’s world demands.

DIGISOFT™ prints are known for a sharp, consistent, true-to-color look with a soft, wearable feel, & impressive longevity on any fabric.

Welcome to the new standard for custom on-demand apparel printing. 

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